Spa in Vosges, Wellness

Relaxation and awakening the senses

In line with our philosophy, the St Barnabé Hotel & Spa Wellness Centre is restricted to adults over the age of 16. Children are allowed to go to the outdoor swimming pool, We have purposefully chosen not to use cosmetics that are usually marketed to beauty institutes for commercial gain.

Come and discover a Spa in Alsace, Vosges that is out of the ordinary, and take some time out of a normally hectic life to actually live. We will awaken each one of your five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

With our surroundings that are conductive to relaxation, meditation, revival and self-discovery, the Spa is based on an approach that focuses on the individual as a whole, in order to re-establish the balance that is so often lost between body and soul. The setting is simple and modest, and emphasises the beauty of the natural materials used, such as wood, stone and paintings. Water is an essential element, as are the rituals inspired by Oriental traditions that are reflected in our massages.

You can take part in meditation, breathing, stretching, Do-In or Qi-gong workshops, either individually, as a couple, or in a group. There are no fitness rooms with high-tech machinery here, but instead, unlimited access to a rich and diverse nature, where you can go back to basics in a pure and invigorating environment. You can partake in a wide range of activities, such as walking (Nordic or otherwise), running, mountain biking and various others, depending on the season.

We mustn’t cling on to alternatives, believing them to have the power to change society. Society will change when we let moral philosophy and ethics into our thinking. Each person has to work hard to attain a certain level of responsibility and conscience, but most of all, to enter into the spiritual dimension that allows us to open our eyes and see life for what it really is; a sacred gift that must be celebrated and protected. It is only then that we will achieve a simple state of being that is at one with nature.  

The Spa ritual

To benefit even more from the tranquillity that surrounds the hotel, you can relax and revitalise body and soul in our Spa facilities. Start your Spa ritual with a shower to begin unwinding and to acclimatise your body to the water treatments awaiting you. Then, open the doors to the saunas and delight in the intense heat and the beneficial effects of the water...

Our centre includes a jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna, an infra-rouge sauna, a hammam, an outdoor pool, a conservatory, a lounge, and an outdoor relaxation area (Finnish shower, cold-water barrel and reclining chairs).
It is possible to book massages and relaxation workshops. You can also help yourself to herbal teas to complete the relaxation process.

Opening hours:
The Spa is open every day from 15p.m to 7:00 pm and 8.00 p.m on Saturday
You must be aged 16 or over to enter. Children are allowed to go to the outdoor swimming pool

You will need a swimsuit/swimming trunks (no shorts please) and plastic sandals or slippers. Towels are provided.

Entry to the Spa : 20€ per person, free for customers who stay in our Hotel.  

Dressing gown hire: 5 €
Extra towels: 
2 €  


Swimming pool:
You can enjoy this large pool, after a session in the sauna or after a long walk, for example. (The pool is unattended)

The saunas: A traditional Finnish sauna will help to revitalise your body. With sessions lasting from 10 to 15 minutes, the heat, varying between 80° and 90°, stimulates the immune system, improves poor circulation, cleans your skin and helps to remove impurities from your body. This sauna promotes relaxation, eliminates fatigue and soothes aching muscles.

The infra-rouge sauna uses a gentler heat, between 40° and 60°. The sessions can therefore last longer, up to 30 minutes at a time. The light therapy will help to relax body and mind and the heat radiation will soothe muscle and joint pain. It also stimulates the metabolism and prevents the development of bacteria and viruses. It has a revitalising effect on the body, and can help with weight loss and cellulite reduction.

The Hamman:
The hammam is a real treat for your body. It opens pores, eliminates impurities and bacteria, clears sinuses and the nasal passage, soothes aching muscles, helps breathing and reduces stress. Have a cold shower after your hammam session and it will leave you feeling completely invigorated.

The Spa/Hydrotherapy
Good for pain and stress relief, this therapy can also help to fight high blood pressure, obesity, back pain, aching legs, chronic muscle cramps, and poor circulation. It combines the effects of the heat, between 34° and 38°, buoyancy principles and hydro jet massage. Hydrotherapy helps to soothe and relieve muscle fatigue and pain as well as reduce stress and encourage blood flow.

Outdoor Relaxation Area:
Finnish shower, reclining chairs, cold-water barrel.

​Plan de notre espace Bien-Etre

List of massages and workshops

Pamper your body and soul in our Spa and Wellness centre where a wide choice of treatments and massages awaits you, whether you are looking to refresh and revitalise yourself or just simply to unwind.
Discover Reiki for example, a Japanese spiritual practice based on the transfer of universal energy through palm healing.

We advise you to book any treatments in advance. To get the most out of the massages, we suggest you arrive 30 minutes early so that you have time to relax in our Spa or in the sauna. The sauna will relax you and ease your muscles, and steam treatments can also be used after certain types of massages to help the body get rid of the toxins dislodged during the treatment.

See the list of treatments and massages 

We also offer workshops:
Individual relaxation workshops: 1 hour, € 65
Group relaxation workshops: 1 hour, € 25 (minimum 3 people)